*Author’s note: I apologize for the lack of posting there’s been a lot going on; some of which I can’t yet blog about.*

My mom passed away from her battle with stage IV cancer in January of 2013, I was just seventeen and in my senior year of high school. Since I was relatively young when my mom passed away there are a lot of important events in my life that unfortunately, my mom had to miss out on; such as my high school graduation, moving away for the first time, and my first job among other things. I’m experiencing a greater sense of loss once again as I prepare for the next step in my journey into a more independent life; I soon will be moving from my group home where I’ve lived for about a year and a half to a supported apartment setting. Although being an additional twenty miles away from my family and hometown is a bit daunting I’m excited about the change. I just wish my mom could physically be a part of the experience too.  This move makes good on two promises, one to myself and one to my late mother that I would not be stuck in our house in our rural town forever; that I would go out and live my life to its fullest extent. I’ve made massive changes in a short time so I think I’m definitely keeping that promise well. I’m excited to see what the next leg of this journey has in store and Thursday kicks it off when my dad and I go visit the potential apartment.