If you’ve been a follower of my blog then you are familiar with the media battle I’m involved in, in regards to the documentary I’m involved with. For the past few weeks myself, the producers, and the agency that is funding the film have been pushing for the film festival which is scheduled to screen the documentary to hold the screening at an accessible venue. After some media attention that was less than favorable for the film festival the venue was finally moved to accommodate those with mobility issues. Sounds like a win, right? Not exactly, although those of us involved are generally pleased with the change of venue, FilmColumbia has also chosen to remove Possibility: The Space Between Limits from its short film program. In addition to moving the venue the date and time has been changed as well; the film is now showing on an entirely different day at an obscure time than its counterparts. It is this blatant segregation of the disabled community that the film itself is trying to combat. Does FilmColumbia not realize bygone is the era of hiding away the differently abled and it is this degrading exclusion from their programming that makes the organization as a whole look no better. The move of the venue puts a bandaid over the issue but the wound of exclusion festers underneath.