In recent months I’ve begun my search for employment,  because I’m nearly 22 and SSI isn’t really a liveable income. I also have wine taste and tap water money when it comes to life. This journey has been nothing short of complex, just like every other task I’ve ever taken on. The challenges for employment are twofold in my case, the first, obviously being my onmipresent wheelchair, living in a small city about 120 miles north of Manhattan that has recently become a hub of activity for artists and free thinkers alike; one would think there would be hope for more wheelchair friendly employment options, there isn’t. Only a small handful of accessible businesses exist within the main drag of the city I live in. Another issue I face when seeking employment is one that is for now coupled with my being wheelchair bound, I cannot use the bathroom by myself. What this means for me is that the longest I can comfortably go without needing the restroom is about four hours, any longer and I begin to writhe and twitch which can be mistaken for seizing.

As I began searching various employment search engine sites I made sure to try and find part time jobs. I sent a handful of applications in for several desk jobs around the area and never heard anything back. About a month ago I even applied for a front desk job at a small local hotel, I had a preliminary inview but didn’t get a call back.

It was exactly a week ago today that I went on my second job interview ever for a retail job at the local branch of a department store. When I went in for the interview I was visibly shaking with nerves and mentally convinced I wouldn’t get the job because of my disability. Despite my visible nerves I was told by my interviewer that I did extremely well. As of Tuesday I was offered the position. Good things come to those who wait.