Dear Sam,

Right now you think this is the worst time in your life. Well for that I have good news and bad news because I know Patience isn’t your virtue,  I’ll start with the good news.   The good news is it gets better; the bad things now won’t be bad forever.  The bad news is things will be rough until you turn 20.

So I know it’s hard but just hold on until 20.  And in that year things will finally get better.  But they too will seem like the worst days. And your 20th year you will move away from home. In the days after your move, you will hate everyone you love spending your waking hours howling with dispair and hurling bombs of emotional blackmail at dad: “If Mommy were alive she would bring me home!” But trust me, somewhere along the way when you’re busy making these new walls into a home, the crying stops.

Six months after your move and 5 days before your twentyfirst birthday, you`ll meet a man who will singlehandedly change everything. He will bring a previously unfelt joy into your life. He will come unexpectedly as he isn’t your current eighteen year old gold standard, but he will bring everything you didn’t know you were missing.

On kind of a whim you will decide to go back to college in the summer of 2017 after a few less than stellar attempts at higher education. But so far things are going well a new sense of purpose driving you to prove the naysayers wrong.

My point in writing all of this is that things have gotten so much better. As I’m a month away from my 22nd birthday I truly understand how far I`ve come not only from 18 but also from 20. My adulthood has been good to me thus far.

-Sam, 21