*Author’s Note* This is a post in response to the social media backlash I received after posting my now deleted post “The Magician The Addict: An Open Letter To Those Enabling Addicts Everywhere” 

To those I previously offended, outraged or embarrassed with my previous post, I’m not really all that sorry.  Instead while I take the time to write this post more are dying from opiates and even more are in denial about either their use or the fact a love one is using.

Last time I checked this is 2017 long gone is the era of sweeping bad things that happen to us under the rug and ignoring them much like an unattended pot until it boils over. By sweeping so called “family business” under the rug to never be spoken about until it’s far too late these people are being even more enabling to the addicts they love. Shovel more dirt on the grave.

I was berated and criticized for my opinions and voicing them publicly as if  the facts weren’t talked about they’d go away. Opening up a discussion about topics such as these is crucial and I’m not sorry if you’re uncomfortable, that’s your prerogative don’t shove your insecurities down my throat. I was told to “remember all the times those who I love with addiction helped me” and I do remember those times so it is with nothing but love for those I love that I try to help. But there were also the not so good times and those have a more lasting impact. Ignoring the problem and shutting those down who try to bring them to light is no better than pushing the plunger down on the needle, giving them a straw, a spoon whatever it may be.

We can not ignore problems that make us uncomfortable. Instead of enabling we must help. But often times we are ready to help sooner than they are ready to receive, so we can only offer rides to meetings, prayer, a friendly ear until then. But denial helps no one one.