Dear Society,

When you put us in your tv shows and movies do you realize how disgustingly inaccurate you’re being?  We as a minority are all too often subjected to being either a sidekick, a background character or the best yet a vehicle for drama. Even when a character is wheelchair bound it is often downplayed severely.

I want a character that has a one on one aid, I want a character that has to rely on a staff person. Why is there no one like me in the media? Why didn’t it take the character in “Forrest Gump”  Lt Dan YEARS to get his new legs? What insurance plan does he have, because I want it? Since in the real world it takes at least a year, maybe two to get any sort of medical equipment; and that’s AFTER the 5 year waiting period before the process for a new wheelchair can even start.

I’d love to see a single father take care of his teenaged disabled daughter, like mine had to do for years. Show him dreading the bra shopping, the visits from “Aunt Flo” and the mood swings.

Why do these media portrayed wheelchair users have it so easy? Why does no one mention constipation, pressure sores or the fact everything HURTS if it rains. They don’t talk about it because it’s too real. They’d rather us sing “Proud Mary” in wheelchairs, have Stephen Hawking like intelligence, make light of situations or not exist at all.

People with disabilities are the world’s largest minority and the most under and inaccurately represented group in the media. Something’s gotta give.


A real wheelchair user